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Kingaroy 15cwt CMPs      
These are the 15cwt CMPs photographed for us by Cliff Hutchings at the Kingaroy property once owned by the late Ken Hughes. All is now for sale and you can contact Ken's daughter Bev on 07 416 25838.

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60cwt CMPs here
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Update June 2004: As at 20 June the vehicles will all be scrapped. Cliff again visited and supplied us with these images: Page 1 and  Page 2    
Group of 15 cwts, the first one a C15A with a Wireless van on the back. In the distance is an Australian 15cwt body on drums. C15A with sunshine roof    
Another C15A sunshine roof model looking like it's been there a long time. Remains of a C15A    
Reasonably intact C15 - one of the few here which would make a good restoration project.      
F15 with a water tank mounted on a military (non CMP) body      
F15A missing a few bits like most of the vehicles there.      
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