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My vehicles

This represents most of the CMPs I've owned or been closely involved with since the early 1970s
Ford F60L. This vehicle belonged to Tony Wheeler who was a neighbour in the early 70s and together we began working on this truck. It cost him $60, which took several weeks to make as a garage driveway attendant. We were both still schoolboys at the time. It had belonged to a power transmission line construction company and once had a winch mounted behind the cab. The cab was unusual in Australia in that it once had a circular roof hatch.
In the mid 1980s I noticed a pair of 15 cwts for sale not far from my office which was at that stage in North Melbourne. I had the storage space so I bought them. Space became a problem, however and they were sold several months later. This is a 1942 F15A which had been a garage tow truck at one point and had a later (8Ba) sidevalve V8 fitted. It did however have a good rust-free cab.
The same truck in 2003 after I sold it to Matt Boyle
In the early 70s I acquired the remains of this FGT #8 which I later passed on to Peter Growse.