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419813 Jenkins, R.E.
RSL archives.

These imagec come to us courtesy of the RSL Victorian Branch and come from an album of photographs donated by the family of Robert Jenkins, who, after training on 34 Course at 2 WAGS RAAF, Parkes NSW went to England where he completed an operational tour with 514 Squadron RAF crewing as a Wireless Operator on 36 operational flights mostly on Lancasters. He survived the war.
Amazing shot of a ditched Lancaster taken 30th December 1943.
Homberg, 16th November 1944. Rob noted: "Attacked at 1032 hours from 18000 feet, heading 100 deg. Bombload 1 4000lb Cookie, 16 500lb. Target Synthetic oil refinery, one of the largest in Germany. Very heavily defended, attacked many times. Photo shows smoke from fires and bursting bombs. Round pillars of smoke are bursting bombs (see right). Thin lines of smoke are enemy decoys."
Duisberg, 14th October 1944. Robert notes: "Attacked 0905 hours from 18000 feet heading 120 deg bombload 11 1,000lb 5 500lb. Target Duisberg town and docks. 1000 bomber raid. Photo shows smoke form fires & bomb bursts. River on right hand side. Also parts of dock area. Attack was very successful. Raid followed by another at night. USAAF bombed also in afternoon."
This group of photographs show the second crew, 514 Squadron RAAF. Pic above shows F/O J. Tolley, RCAF and his gunner Joe Galliano. Note the tailwheel tyre designed to improve tracking.
Mid upper turret of Lancaster ME529 with F/Sgt McDermott, RAF. The turret has had the rear perspex removed to improve night vision. An extremely cold place to be.
Robert's album contains this gallery of men killed during the war. The image on the right details their loss.