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 International Harvester K5, Point Cook      
Warbird identity Bob Eastgate has restored this rare and unusual International Harvester K5 at Point Cook near Melbourne. It is one of a small number taken from the assembly line to be modified as mobile engine test beds. For many years this truck served Australian National Airways at Essendon, in it's latter years it could be seen from the freeway languishing. Bob acquired it and has comprehensively rebuilt it.

It's not just for show either, and Bob has made it fully operational to test engines including this Merlin from his CAC built Mustang.

Bob went to a lot of trouble, sourcing items such as the hubcaps to complete the truck. It will soon have the same signwriting it wore when in use at Essendon. The truck originally had two long fuel tanks for the aircraft engines being tested to enable them to be run for long periods to bed them in..
The rear body is soundproofed and contains all the engine instrumentation. The rear gantry has been modified to incorporate 2 hydraulic legs to stabilise the truck inder the torque thrust of the aircraft engine.
This Merlin is the tired one from Bob's Mustang, an aircraft he's owned for 30 years.
And a couple of pics of VH-BOB at Tyabb in 2004.