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The Late Ken Hughes yard at Kingaroy, Queensland      


June 2004: As at 20 June the vehicles will all be scrapped. Cliff again visited and supplied us with these images: Page 1 and  Page 2

This fantastic yard is located at Kingaroy, in the South Burnett of Queensland. Cliff Hutchings took these photographs and kindly sent me a CD of them for all to marvel at.
I'll let Ken tell you about them:

"They are located at Kingaroy in the South Burnett. Address is 411 Hoopers road Kingaroy. This is not the mail address but I do have it here somewhere and will send it to you later. The daughters name is Bev. Phone (07)41625838 or mobile 0408708846.

She realises it will take a couple of years plus to sell it all. But it is all for sale, at a price. Some are reasonable for what they are but it must be remembered that not one is complete. You really need to buy two to get one that would be 95% complete. Some I asked about I thought were too dear. Yet a couple of other things such as a WC51 weapons carrier rare body I thought good at $250. But a 75% complete Dodge WC51 needing a total rebuild was $2000. Or a GMC-CCKW closed cab with Aussie gun hatch converted to RHD and with tow truck jib and mid mount winch needing a total rebuild and excluding the rear body was only 80% complete, I considered too dear at $1800.

The ex-Israeli CCKW's, which on the whole were a real mess, started at $1200 for mainly a chassis not complete. seized motor, real rough cab etc. These were suppose to have been fully rebuilt by the Israeli army before being sold. Most of the damage caused by no air filters or covers over the motors and they filled up with rain water. 20 years later motor is a solid block of rust. Also to save on shipping costs he removed the open cabs and put them in the rear deck and then piled them up on each other. Steering columns were removed for this purpose too and some got lost.

You have to remember the trucks cover a large area and he also had a wrecking yard in town. Ken knew were everything was apparently. But that's no help when you are not here. Bev is a nice person. She is negotiable on the prices but what you see is what you get. If anyone you know would like more info my phone is (07)41687273.
No calls after 7pm please."

I have started to categorise them and so far have covered the CMPs and you'll find the links below. Still to come are the British, American and other vehicles.      
15cwt CMPs      
30 and 60 cwt CMPs      
Cab 12 CMPs      
British vehicles      
US vehicles
Page 1 Jeeps and Beeps
Page 2 Internationals, US6 Studebakers and GMC CCKWs
Page 3 Ex-Israeli GMC CCKWs