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Index to aircraft by type - US index Commonwealth aircraft index
Axis aircraft index
B17 Flying Fortess Morotai, 1945
B24 Liberator "Long Ranger" Squadron, Morotai, 1945
Graveyard images
"Dauntless Dottie", A B24 of the 380th BG and other images from the collection of Bill Shek
A72-176 - the B24 restoration at Werribee, Vic, including a page of panoramic images.
A page of images from Ed Crabtree's album featuring aircraft from 530th BG.
Scrapping in progress, Tocumwal, early 1950s.
B24 Nose art, page 1 and page 2
B25 Mitchell Netherlands East Indies example, Morotai.
Barge Buster Mitchells
A belly landing for a Barge Buster
Ink Squirts artwork on a B25
Scrapped B25 and B24s
A landing accident
A composite page if B25 images from this site
B29 Superfortess
PBY Catalina Morotai, 1945
A24-30, Lake Boga memorial
Australian Catalina, Morotai, 1945
C47 Dakota RAAF example, Morotai 1945
Group of C47s
"King's Cross Shuttle"
Curtiss Commando Morotai, 1945    
Lockheed Hudson Australian Hudsons of an OTU
A page of Hudson images from other pages on this site
A20 Douglas Boston / Havoc Morotai, 1945
Point Cook, 2003
Vultee Vengeance
F4U Corsair
P38 Lightning Morotai, 1945    
P40 Tommahawk / Kittyhawk 3 Squadron RAAF Kittyhawks, Western Desert.
P40N, Morotai
75 Squadron P40N images
A29-500 about to be scrapped at Tocumwal
Judy Pay's P40N Kittyhawk, Tyabb, 2003
P47 Thunderbolt Morotai, 1944
P51 Mustang P51C,3 Squadron RAAF, Italy
P51D, Morotai, 1945
Dick Hourigan and Judy Pay's Mustang, Tyabb 2003
P61 Black Widow Morotai, 1945
Post WW2 types      
Cessna 01 Bird Dog

Rob Fox's Bird Dog

Cessna 02 Oscar Deuce      
Cessna A37B Dragonfly      
MD F4 Phantom

Point Cook, 2003

NA F86 Sabre