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Aircraft index

US Aircraft index
Commonwealth aircraft index
Axis aircraft index

Historic and archival photographs      
Aircraft in the South West Pacific Area    
Japanese Aircraft    
U.S.and Australian Aircraft at Morotai
B-24 Nose Art Page 1 Page 2  
Aircraft in the Western Desert
Crashed Axis aircraft in the Western Desert.
Aircraft in Northern Australia  
Dramatic Beaufighter rocket attacks page 1
page 2
Images from Labuan Island and Australia from Philip Woffinden.  

An album of photographs from the Mobile Lithographic Unit Plus a page of nose art on B-25s.

Aircraft graveyards.

An aircraft graveyard in Borneo  
Vietnam images      

Restorations and projects

An Avro Anson in Ballarat  
B-24 Liberator restoration in Werribee, Victoria
Page 1 - introduction
Page 2 - more panoramic images of the restoration.
Page 3 Ed Crabtree's photographs
Page 4 - An Airspeed Oxford project.
Pictures from William Shek, B24 pilot.      
A PBY Catalina at Lake Boga      
Flying warbird collections  
Temora Aviation Museum
F8 Meteor in detail
Spitfire HF VIII in detail
Panoramic images from Temora
Canberra air to air
Old Aeroplane Company, Tyabb  
Southern Knights  

Fragments of aircraft

Uralla Military Museum has a Link Trainer and a large Hudson fuselage section, as well as a Mosquito nose piece.