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Index to aircraft by type - Axis types US Aircraft index
Commonwealth aircraft index
German WW1
German WW2
Do 17
He 111
Hs 126      
Ju 52      
Ju 87 Crashed Ju87 in Italian markings    
Me 109
Me 110
Italian WW2
Fiat CR42
Savoia Marchetti SM79 Wrecked SM79, Western Desert area.
French WW2
Japanese WW2 A compilation page of Japanese aircraft
Betty Betty remains in Borneo, 1945
Tabby Tabby going down - shot down by B24, Celebes    
Nick Nick being shot down by B24.    
Nakajima Ki49 Helen Surrender version, 1945    
Nakajima Ki51 Sonia A captured Sonia in Borneo, 1945