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Due largely to my interest in things military and in particular in blitzes, I wound up working as an 18 yearr old at Hughes Auto Spares in Hunter Road, Camberwell as a driver and parts worker.
The driving part was great - we had a HJ Holden Ute and went all over Melbourne doing pick ups and deliveries and through this I met most of the other people dealing in surplus army truck parts in town.
In particular I got to know Bill Drew who had a number of yards in Melbourne's North West, just crammed with wrecked trucks including quite a few blitzes.
The other place of major interest was Hughes Trading which was the original parent company, located in Sydney Road, Coburg, a large yard full of blackberry-overgown relics, packing cases and truck bodies full of truck and aircraft parts.
Jack O'Donnell, my boss leaning on the forklift which was powered by a Holden Grey motor. To the left is a Ford 8BA block I had stripped, one of many which I'd pick up from all over town and send out to be reconditioned. Jack was known as Elmer Fudd - not just the physical resemblance, but his even sounded like him. Customers would ask him for a part and his response would be "Wet's have a wook ovaweer"
For those who used to frequent the place, this is Norm who was my predecessor. Jack was always asking me to explain why my deliveries took longer than Norm's. Of course the real reason was I was spending time exploring and taking photographs. Ultimately the land became too valuable and the yard was sold, with most of the slower moving stock scrapped and the more valuable stuff moved to another location which became known as Power Train Products.
And this is the sort of thing I was photographing - the yard at Kensington. Those were the days!
This pair of Fords were in the main yard in Moonee Ponds.