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Hughes Trading in the 1970s

During this period I worked for Hughes Auto Spares in Camberwell, a company which had formerly been owned by Hughes Trading. Occasionally I would be asked to pick something up from Hughes in Coburg and I always took my camera. These pictures were taken around 1976.    
The quarry contained a host of amazing things including this lot of Ford late production cabs. Obviously these were spares or production over-runs and had sat there since the 1950s and had suffered as a consequence. The shed on right contained Catalina mooring buffers.    
  Cab parts included frames, mudguards, front shells, cab back sections, splash panels, radiator shrouds, mudguards gearbox covers. Many of the cab backs had been used around the yard as shelter for wooden crates of aircraft parts.(below)    
Oxygen recuperator body. The roofed section at the front was for a motor and pump. This body was salvaged by Rick Cove in 2000 before the yard was cleared.
Hughes CGT images
The Recuperator as it would have looked when new.