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Hughes Trading in the 1940s

Inside an old shoebox the negatives for these images have lain for many years... My thanks to Jeff Hughes for allowing me to scan and share these images with you of a very poorly documented era in the late 1940s.      
Beauforts during the process of "getting the chop" at Tocumwal. The Hughes Brothers in conjunction with Scrap metal company R.H. Grant dealt with most of the Beauforts and Liberators after WW2.      
Freshly painted F15 towing what looks like a gas producer. Note the reversed windscreen. I photographed the wreck of this truck in the 1970s in the Hughes yard. They used it extensively at Tocumwal whilse dismantling the aircraft.

The same truck in Coburg much the worse for 25 years in the weather.

Wayne Mitchner eventually purchased this truck soon after these pictures were taken.

More pics from the 1970s

Liberator in her final days. Image above is a close-up of the same F15 in action. Hughes maintained a workforce of some 20 men for two years to strip these aircraft. Can anyone ID the squadron? Looks like a W.A. swan on the fin. Detail of image at left. 48/215 Holden ute, Note pair of Liberator engines. The car certainly gives scale.    
Kittyhawk A29 500 awaiting the chop along with a row of Boomerang fighters.      
Cut down Ford Lynx. Not sure what the device on the front is. Looks like a 44 gallon drum with a funnel on the bottom.      
Unfortunately blurry image of the Boomerangs at Tocumwal. Close-up on right MH-P sitting on it's belly.
 This aircraft was A46-23, a CA-12 C/N 846 served with 2 OTU, 83 and 84 Sqns and 8 OTU; on 14/1/43 it was received by 2 OTU from 1 AD; on 19/1/43 it was involved in an accident when it hit a Kittyhawk A29-82 when Sgt Clement James Joseph Hart (420665) was landing it; on 10/4/43 it was received by 83 Sqn from 2 OTU but like many before it only stayed a few weeks before being sent to 84 Sqn and believed coded MH-P with 83 Sqn; on 23/9/43 it was involved in a landing accident at Horn Is strip while with 84 Sqn and piloted by Sgt Keith Leslie Hayes (418409); on 3/1/45 it was received by 8 OTU from 1 RSU where it had been since the accident with 84 Sqn; on 25/3/45 while piloted by it overshot the runway at Parkes on landing so F/O Alan Lorimer Capell (427868) retracted the undercarriage and it made a belly landing at the end of the strip; on 25/7/45 it was considered operationally suitable and had reasonably low hours and was received back at 83 Sqn; on 18/9/45 it was received by 7 AD for storage; on 2/3/55 it was sold to R H Grant Trading Co. less engine for $91. (information from ADF serials website)    
Remains of M3 Stuart near the back gate in the Hughes yard sometime in the late 1940s. Jeff remembers several tanks, including at least one Japanese.      
View of the yard looking across the quarry in the late 40s. Jeff recalls an Anson minus wings appearing one morning following towing from Tocumwal. It can be seen behind the peppercorn tree in the centre of the image.      
Bob Hughes built at least one special racer which survived and was recently sold. It had a Ford V8 and many aircraft parts in its construction. This vehicle resembles it but has a 6 cylinder engine. Can anyone identify the engine type?