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Huggets Abroad

Here are some images from the 1949 British comedy "The Huggets Abroad" in wich the Hugget family embark on a trip across North Africa in a Ford F60L accompanied by a C15 complete with bad guy. Apologies for the poor quality of these shots - I taped it at a friend's house not realising the recorder was set to long play... The film's hardly an oscar winner but the vehicles sure are!
The Huggets make their purchase - for 250. Mr. Hugget ineptly test drives it backwards.
The family arrives in Algiers. We never see the actors in North Africa. It appears a second unit (with a locally sourced vehicle) shot all the abroad scenes whilst sets were used for all actor scenes. Not unusual for the time.. Here the F60L is a painted backdrop.
The F60L and C15A (real ones) appear in many of the studio scenes. The studio mock-up cab. This is part of a sequence where they have a sing along in the back which is clearly audible in the cab... remarkable!
Part of the singalong has some nice montages of the Ford.
The fake cab again. The join above the rear window was rather slack and the actors can be seen through it. F60L and C15 just before the sandstorm which resulted in a flat tow for the Chev.