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 Lockheed Hudson from the air    Hudson from the 02A
Page 3 inside the Hudson.
On a rainy Sunday in October 2005 I was fortunate to be able to do an air to air sortie with the Temora Aviation Museum's Lockheed Hudson, the only airworthy example in the world.
I was in the back of the museum's Wirraway, and it made for a wonderful WW2 experience. The view from the Hudson (Kelly Ladbury)
Pilot Doug Hamilton and Co pilot Gordon "Gordo" Glynn.
Here's a sinister pair of Wright Cyclones attached to our rear! OK, it was fun!
We finally found a nice patch of blue sky at about 10,500 feet.
Doug making a pass across our tail. Lars keeps an eye on the Hudson's whereabouts.
Here's a different perspective on the Wirraway (Kelly Ladbury) Another shot of me hard at work. (Kelly Ladbury)
Page 2 - air to air from the Cessna 02A.