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 Howard Holgate's collection, Ganmain NSW    Related pages: C8AX, F15A, Items, C60L, F60L cab 12.  
In the Riverina town of Ganmain, not far from Coolamon is an interesting collection of vehicles and parts amassed by Howard's grandfather, who had a Ford dealership and farm machinery fabrication business which he closed in 1956.
50 years later in 2006, the land has been sold and Howard and his mates have been clearing out the sheds in preparation for a clearing sale to be held in April. Howard has created a website, to let people know what's there, but more than that, to pay a tribute to his grandfather's achievements.
The famous "Shed full of shit" at Ganmain. Inside one of the sheds is this modified seat which used to live on the back of the F15. Howard's grandfather was a fisherman, and made this for that purpose.
This was the family runabout in the 1950s, before the crane was fitted. Tiired of being stuck in the wrong gear behind other trucks heading to the coast, Howard's grandfather modified it with a two speed rear axle from a F600 and fitted 20" wheels. Howard has commenced restoration of this truck. The truck's last job was to erect these silos. Howard has plans to restore it.
The mystery is how did this truck come to be in Australia? We didn't import F15 cab 12s, unless it was a one-off for evaluation. Motor has done less than 1000 miles since restoration.
The rig allows the crane to be laid over to the front for travel. It also doubles as a work platform.
The neatly mounted winch is driven from the gearbox power take-off.