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Max Hedges Cab 11 in Australia

I'll let these pictures talk for themselves... that's Max of course! Thanks to Max for emailing me these images. Other pages featuring Yass CMPs:
Max's Cab 11

A late production F60L
Max's photo album
Max Hedges early CMP collection
Ashley Wilson's collection - page 1 and page 2
Max's treasures
More pics from Max's album
Page 3 - a new cab 12

Max's collection
The previous owner bought this truck around 1958 as a spares source for his fleet of CMP Superphosphate spreaders. The front axle was fitted some time before and is believed to be from an Albion truck. He commented many CMPs were so modified to make them easier to drive (and to save fuel) on the highways.
The fuel tank - is this original? Note the tap. Mark "The Hunter" Sierant with Ashley Wilson on the other end of this CMP bumper
All set to roll - note the White Scout Car front loaded onto the Cab 11.
Number on RH Front mudguard - could this be an embarkation number or was it added later? And on another note Max has also recovered a C15 former Signals Van and a C60S with winch.