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Historic commercial vehicle show 2002 page 1      
Each year the Historic Commercial Vehicles Club holds a get together for its members and other related clubs. The Zvictorian Military Vehicles Corps had a presence in the form of WW2 armour and softskin.      
John Belfield brought a number of vehicles including his newly rebuilt Stuart with a new motor (which he ran for the crowd), his Yeramba, a couple of Macks, his Dodge special which towed this interesting find... a 1941 C60L which was converted many years ago as a skid loader for the logging industry.      
Confusion of controls located over the transfer case. The CMP winch was located above the chassis and chain driven from the power takeoff. The vehicle is thoughtfully designed and incorporates many features seen on modern purpose built loaders, such as hydraulic centre steering, dozer and forklift, with a jib at the rear for dragging logs.    
Interesting "suspension". On the other side, angle iron has been welded along the axle to protect the brake pipes. At first John hoped he'd be able to start it to get it mobile, but then noticed the sump has been literally blown off. He speculates the gravity feed fuel has run into the sump and been ignited when the engine was started.    
More pictures including a Dodge Weapons Carrier, Jeep and a Command Car.