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Following the 2004 Amphibious swim-in the group from Yass returned via the high country, an adventure through some of Australia's beautiful mountain scenery. This is a picture diary of this trip, beautifully photographed for us mostly by Emma Hedges.
Two shots of the crew, with Mark Sierant, baby and wife, Matt, Robert Farmer Ashley Wilson and Max Hedges crouching ready for adventure.
Three short wheelbase CMPs and a Forward Contro Landrover made the trip. Mark Sierant navigates.
Max at the wheel of his F15A which has made many long journeys since it was restored in the late 1990s. Robert Farmer at the wheel of C15 Tickets, which he borrowed from Max when his C15A strippedd a timing gear on the way to Corowa.
From the calendar department, several beauty shots of the high country.
Tickets climbs out of a creek crossing. The relatively supple suspension of the C15 allowed it to challenge the capabilities of it's 4X4 brothers.
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