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 A Vancouver HUP      
Glenn Kemp, a keen Austin Gipsy owner and resident of Vancouver Island has found the remains of a C8A HUP. He emailed these pictures in August 2005.
To quote Glenn:

"Well it looks like a pretty big project, and it’s missing a lot of parts. So I’m thinking that someone somewhere could probably use a parts vehicle. Or just pieces. The driveline is pretty much all in tact, the frame looks solid, and the body pieces are pretty good too. It’s located near a logging camp here on Vancouver Island. A guy I work with worked as a mechanic for the logging company in the 60’s he says they had a few of them and used them for fire trucks and crummys for taking the loggers out to the logging site. The fire trucks are long gone, but this one seems to have been parked for a parts vehicle and forgotten over time. As you can see by the pictures the trees have grown around it, but it is still possible to drag it out to the road. I would have to talk to the logging company to get permission to remove it. I would be interested in restoring it myself, but I’m currently doing a major restoration on my 1966 Austin Gipsy, and have another after that. "

You can contact Glenn via his Austin Gipsy website.

Both dat and publications plates are still attached.
Some adaptation to make 20" 8 stud wheels fit the 6 stud hubs.