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Howard Holgate's F60L cab 12 ARN 7753    Related pages: Shedfull of shit, C8AX, C60L, F 15A  
This interesting example of a Ford F60L is owned by Howard Holgate, who has sold it to his mate Tony for restoration.
The vehicle has lost a few parts already and has a heavy superstructure from it's use in mining, but it's actually fairly intact and in reasonable condition. It's had the Australian Army winch kit fitted, although the winch itself has since been removed. Remove the superstructure, fit some wheels and tyres and it would be quite a tidy unit.
All the data plates are in quite good condition. The crash pads are still in place which is quite unusual.
Te brass winch plate is located at the very bottom of the engine cover behind the gearlever. The chassis has had the typical Australian extension with the rear fairleads intact.
The ARN is nicely visible through the paint.