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 Jeff Fullwood's journey      
I was filming at the Back of Beyond 50th celebration in Marree in July 2004 when into town rolled a spectacular C60L belonging to Jeff Fullwood who had driven it from Quorn, and was on the first stage of a massive trip covering almost 3000 kilometers, including a crossing of the Simpson Desert from East to West which, due to the prevailing wind means climbing the steep sides of the dunes. The first dune to be crossed is Big Red, a 100 foot high monster known in Tom Kruse's day as the Grandfather Dune.
Jeff's trip is in support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The section from Birdsville to Dalhousie faces Jeff with 1100 sandhills over 440 kilometers. In addition to 350 litres of fuel and marsden matting to cross the sand, Jeff carries almost a ton of spare parts.
The truck has it's data plate denoting it once had a dropside GS body, and was the 605th built for General Motors Holden's Sydney plant in 1943. Chevrolet bowtie is shined ready for the trip.
A crowd gathers as the legendary Birdsville Track Mailman Tom Kruse signs the door.
Jeff chats to Alan Wright, owner of the replica Back of Beyond Cab 12 Ford outside the Marree pub. The door was also signed by Monty Scobie, who also drove many miles in blitzes on the Birdsville to Marree mailrun in the 1940s and 50s.
Jeff has done extensive work on the truck including a recent engine rebuild.
The famous Marree Pub seen through a classic windscreen.
Jeff thanks Tom. The flag is essential when crossing the dunes, allowing traffic coming the other way to see him in time to avoid a collision.