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 C60S No6 Light Anti-Aircraft tractor    Related pages: New vehicle pictures. John Belfield collection.  
Ron Fry of Seymour is an army recovery man which stands him in good stead when picking up old MVs.
Ron found this Holden-built Bofors tractor, correctly known as a "Tractors, Artillery No6 (Aust)"
Sitting on the back of a Ford F60L to keep it off the ground, Ron found this body lying inverted in a creek. The integral spare wheel carrier fits a 13" Bofors trailer wheel on this side and a 10.50-20 on the other. The roof was badly damaged, so Ron has removed it and has found another, better roof. The rest of the interior was in reasonably good shape. The F60L underneath is a winch chassis.
Remains of the original Holden body ID plate are a little hard to establish due to the damege, but it looks like "TAA" for Tractors, Anti-aircraft, number 260. Next line "Model" is Tractor and "cab" is WO for War Office.
Next, Ron found this C60S chassis and intended to use it for the tractor, but something better turned up.
In a completely unrelated location, and with a massive dose of good luck, Ron found this winch equipped C60S. But it wasn't until I examined it he learned he actually had a genuine No.6 Artillery Tractor chassis on his hands. "Fair Dinkum?" Was his incredulous remark.
The cab sitting on the rear once belonged to a C60X. Both windscreens are in quite reasonable condition apart from a similar dent in each.
This "speaking tube" is unique to the No.6 tractor.
Ron has also scored a vehicle with the splash panel intact. These are extremely rare on a Chevrolet.
Now, a closer look at that C60X cab, which has a couple of unusual things about it. First is this insert in the rear window... And second, the cab has a very neat welded join about 12 inches back from the brow.
Model WO85 indicates this was once a No.4 Wrecker.