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Far North Queensland

In August 2002 Euan McDonald's parents undertook a bus tour of Austraila's topmost point. Naturally Graeme took his camera and much to his wife's chagrin foreced the bus to make an unscheduled stop or two to bring us these pictures.
Panoramic shots of the front row of the CMPs. I've counted 15 of the breed.
A mix of Chevs and Fords.
From the right... a C60L cab 12 in the background, C60L, LP2A Carrier, F15A and... what's that lurking on the far left of the picture? Let's have a closer look... Hmmmm no back to the cab... handle on "B" step in the roof... that's the remains of a CGT #8!
Miscellaneous Chevrolet Land-Rover and Ford scrap obscuring the view of the front row of CMPs. Here's another angle on the CGT behind a late production F60L.
At another location a Ford with a very heavy looking crane.