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The Old CMP site is dedicated to the memory of and the sacrifices made by Commonwealth and US veterans in two world wars and beyond through sharing their memories, photographs and showcasing the equipment they used.

Canadian Military Pattern vehicles, through their pugnacious presence have become beloved of a growing band of enthusiasts around the world. These in all their variants are the feature vehicle of this site, and you'll find examples ranging from 8cwt capacity to 3 tonners, from brand new vehicles to totally decrepit wrecks.

What's the appeal of these old trucks? Is it their looks, the sound they make, their legendary capabilities or their reliability? Probably a mixture of all these and more...

Year of the Blitz is a 48 minute documentary now available on VHS and DVD - read all about it and order it here.

Year of the Studebaker was released in early 2004 and is available in DVD and VHS. Order it here.

Many WW2 aircraft images also appear here, mostly from private albums, they have never been published before.

© Keith Webb, 2004, all rights reserved. Please contact me if you'd like to use any of the images on this site.

Some archival images have been published here with permission from the RSL archives. These images may not be copied.

The site also has many pages devoted to old warbirds which can be found via the index pages.

If you have any contributions, suggestions or comments please forward them to me

An important aspect to this site is the contribution made by people like you.
If you have any photographs or CMP related stories you would like to share, please feel free. Others have responded with photographs or have added their own experiences (see "hazards").

Other sites by Keith Webb
Please visit the Last Mail From Birdsville site, dedicated to Tom Kruse, outback mailman from the 1930s to the 1950s and CMP owner. You can also order the new double DVD set, Last Mail from Birdsville - the story of Tom Kruse, boxed with the original Back of Beyond - appearing for the first time on DVD. (Available in Australia and New Zealand only for copyright reasons).

Image Control - Keith's other occupation is film maker whose Melbourne-based company creates documentaries, television commercials, corporate video and multimedia. Please call if you have any requirements in this area. Phone 61 3 96828211

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