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 Australian Pattern Ford Field Artillery Tractor Register
No.8 (Aust)
ARN Engine/chassis no. Owner/location Notes Image
48479 MVCCS Adelaide Restored with reconstructed body - many detail errors.
55935 Belfield collection, Melbourne Unrestored, missing body, winch cut out of chassis.
55944 3G42782F Meandarra, Qld Rear body, badly rusted for sale 2005.
55964 Phil Lloyd, ex-S.A. now Qld. Cab/chassis to be used with body ARN 132384.
130707 Australian War Memorial Acquired 2007 for restoration. Ex-Keith Adam.
132062 Euan McDonald, Melbourne Front shell only, ex-Colin Anderson collection.
132271 Meandarra, Qld Cab chassis, badly worn out, for sale 2005.
132384 3G47579F Phil Lloyd, Qld Rear body only to be used with 55964
132748 Alan Growse, Somers, Vic Ex Ringwood Timber and Trading Co. Under restoration.
Alan Scattergood, NSW Almost intact vehicle, rear body panel missing
Qld Complete other than gutted interior, auctioned 2005
Wayne Henderson, Perth WA Cab chassis to be restored with No9 body, ex Rod Diery.