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FGT details and miscellany      
This page is for all the bits and pieces relating to Ford FGTs I've collected over the years.      
Interior of a cut down FGT #9 (Aust) showing location of battery box.      
FGT #8 (Aust) looking like it's covered with lichen as the negative has suffered from fungus growth over the years. This pic comes from John Belfield's album in the 1970s. No idea where or when, but it is the typical result of a conversion to civvy life.  This is what the wreck at left would have looked like when new...    
Brass Australian army nomenclature plate Although not bolted on this pic shows the twin rear cross members on a FGT chassis and the Australian pattern fairleads.    
Interior of another FGT #9, this time one seen at Gladysdale in the 1970s. The battery box has been moved. The instrument panel is also a replacement.      
Wayne Henderson's FGT #9 (Aust) as found in Western Australia. Wayne is turning this into a Chev version and has stripped the sheetmetal.      
Pic from a RSL photo album just happening to catch the rear of a FGT #9 (Aust). Interior of a FGT #9 (Aust) seen at Yarra Junction in the early 1970s.    
More pics of the Yarra Junction vehicle.