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Ford FGT #9 Melbourne

An interesting vehicle, mechanically intact, but the owner refuses to sell as he says he has plans to make a "hot rod" out of it. The vehicle has been outside for many years and has a considerable amount of rust.
Mudguards extended for dual wheels.
Front bumper has been fabricated and the remains of original fairleads can be seen. Date of manufacture is probably 1942.
The rear of the original body has been moved to behind the second door "C" pillar. All other parts long gone. Chassis is fairly intact and includes the rear fairleads which have been modified to run the winch cable up to the crane jib. Visible inside is the ammunition storage locker for the AA LMG, listed in the book as a Sten.
Correct FGT engine cover with 42 gall fuel capacity.
At the same location is a pair of late production F60Ls, both with years of exposure damage. Both these vehicles could be described as rough.