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This album was rescued by Mel Bugg of the Morwell RSL who grabbed it from a trailer on it's way to the local tip. Makes you wonder how many people's memories must have gone this way, doesn't it.
This man served in a transport company with the RAAF in the North African Theatre of war. His photo album contains scenes from Egypt and Lybia and date from around 1940-41.
Scammell (right) with Breda (?) Vichy French Dewoitine D.520 aircraft with Fordson WOT2 and unidentified vehicle behind, possibly an Albion.
Captured Fiat (Tank, Medium, M15/42) Panzer MkIV
There are several photographs of different Savoia Marchetti SM79 aircraft in the album.
Crashed Fiat. More complete Fiat.
German aircraft are well represented - here a Me110 with lots of extra holes. Very sad Ju52
Captured Me Bf 110 W Nr 4035, "Belle of Berlin". This aircraft originally wore Iraqui markings and was captured after belly landing near Mosul in Iraq. Despite the Iraqui markings, it belonged to II/ZG 76 of the Luftwaffe. It was test flown at Habbaniyah in September 1941 after being restored to Airworthy condition using captured parts. Later it was flown to Egypt and flown by 267 Squadron, RAF. Ultimately it was to have been transferred to South Africa but was written off in a belly landing when the undercarriage failed to lock down. (Information comes from the book "War Prizes" By Phil Butler.
Me Bf 109E remains. Looks like this one may have been caught on the ground. Dornier Do 17.
Heinkel He 111, Bardia aerodrome Heinkel He 111 tail.
Curtiss P40 Tommahawk (3 Squadron RAAF?)
1941 Ford tanker with wrecked Italian vehicles in background. Captured Fiat/Spa 38R ambulance.
More pictures