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Field Artillery Tractors, also known as gun tractors were part
of the CMP range from the outset. Both manufacturers
built them using a 3-ton version of the short wheelbase chassis fitted with winch,
2 speed transfer case, 20" wheels and a body to accommodate
both the gun crew and a supply of ready ammunition.
Typically they were used to tow the 25 pounder howitzer and
limber, but also towed a variety of artillery pieces including
the 17 pounder.

Canadian Pattern

Ford Cab 11 and Cab 12 7A2 body pattern

Brisbane Cab 12 FAT
Chevrolet Cab 11 and Cab 12
Alan Growse's Cab 12 FAT
Don Smith's pic of a CGT near Ceduna, S.A.
  GM Factory photographs
Rick Shearman, South Australia.
Australian Pattern
3A Marmon Herrington
Ford #8
FGT No8 recovery, Ringwood, 1973
Large reference image of a new vehicle. Click on image to enlarge.
Two pages on the Ringwood Timber No8 - one in situ and one showing the subsequent recovery in 1973
Ford #9 Large reference images of the first No9 built. Click on images to enlarge.


Chevrolet No8
Tasmanian CGT No8 remains
Brisbane CGT No8
Factory example
Wartime pic in Kairi, Qld.
Chevrolet No9
Rick Shearman, South Australia
Wodonga crane
Euan McDonald's CGT No9
CGT No9 remains seen on a C15 chassis
Peter Morgan, NSW, FGT No9 (Aust)
FGT No9 (Aust), Melbourne
Oodnadatta FGT No9 (Aust)
Miscellaneous images of FGTs in Australia
Keith's FGT No9, Yass
FGT No9, Whittlesea