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 Australian Gun Tractor drawings      
Thanks to Peter and Alan Growse these fragments of the original army drawing office plans for parts of No.9 Field Artillery Tractors survive for our use.

Whilst both Ford and Holden built these tractors in small numbers, it's a mystery why many of the small detail parts should differ between manufacturers.

There are more drawings, but as they're too big to fit the scanner I'll have to transfer them in another way.

No complete set of drawings for these tractors has so far been found, but we live in hope!

This sort of drawing is particularly interesting as it's the sort of thing which doesn't survive 60 years.
This one was so faint it was almost invisible on the page. It's been enhanced as far as possible, but shows the side elevation of the No9 Field Artillery Tractor (Aust). Close-up noting items unique to this design such as the ammunition container and SMG mounting on windscreen frame.
Plan view of the rear section with details of pillars. Bit hard to make out, but this is a skeletal side view of the left side from crew compartment back.
Rear view with canvas blind in place. Skeletal rear view.