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Chevrolet Field Artillery Tractor factory photographs

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These images came to me from the factory album owned by Brian Gough and were taken in Oshawa outside the factory.
Because these were in a tightly bound album which couldn't be laid flat there is a small amount of distortion in some of the copies I made.

Cab 11 Field Artillery Tractor, above and right
Cab 12 Field Artillery Tractor, above and rignt in what looks like light stone colour. Interesting detail in a view not often seen.
Interior. Note the fire extinguisher. The large handbrake is for the winch. Looking back into the crew compartment. The floor plate between the footwells was an access plate for the winch
Above and below: Rear of chassis. Unusual is the serial painted onto the tyre: L11778. Note the battery box between the gear levers. Underneath the chassis showing the Ford manufactured winch.
Two pics from a GM brochure showing the body drop station (cab 11) and a proving ground shot (right). Do the "Xs" on the windscreens mean they're dead?
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