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The F15 project

This truck is now progressing to the next stage, a stripping down and a surprising re-engine is planned. See pics of the truck 'as found'
Loaded abouar Euan's chariot trailer. That's Euan tying it down, facing us is Hamish Knox who owns a couple of ACCO Internationals, and with the spirit level Matt Boyle who bought my F60L.
A tight fit - CMPs don't fit on most car trailers, no need to worry about the truck moving sideways.
Ready to go...
The project has moved to the race shop and Euan has commenced the strip-down for sandblasting. The front shell is in remarkable condition with only a small dent to be panelbeaten.
Australian nomenclature under the bonnet.
The master cylinder cover is usually missing. Plenty or reference paint lurks beneath panels.
Not all parts were made by the Ford Motor Company. Do you think this will pass the roadworthy test?