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Tom Agnew in Copley, South Australia 1998. This picture was taken while filming the French Line documentary. Tommy said this vehicle had been used in the VP parade in Adelaide, and claimed to have a photograph of the event. It had large Australian flags flown from the LMG mount on the left and had a flag holder addded to the right side to match.    
Another of Tommy's F60S CMPs. Many were used in the years after the war transporting rabbit carcases "There's money in the bunny!" was the saying at the time. This truck had been "restored" by a scout troop as a project. I almost bought it in 1972.    
My first CMP. My father is looking at the rear chassis rather dubiously. This truck had belonged to a weed spraying outfit and whilst it had a good cab the chassis had been damaged when it rolled down a hill with a full load of chemicals.      
Judging by the type of wheels there's a liklihood this F60S seen in Frankston in the 1970s was formerly a tipper. Interesting painted on badging (below).      
A pair seen at Coonabarabran in September 2003.