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Ford F60S

Seen by Euan at Murtoa Field Day 1999. Judging by the front wheels this may have been a tipper.
pic by Euan McDonald
Underside of bonnet (hood) - an Australian custom denoting carrying capacity, wheelbase and date of manufacture.
F60S seen at a Bayswater (Vic) Septic tank manufacturer, 1974.
Seen at Yarram, 1975.
Two evocative shots of the then active Ringwood Timber & Trading Co. F60S tipper, taken around 1973.Registration number KX 643 dates from around December 1947 or January 1948.These trucks were a familiar sight in the Ringwood area delivering sawdust for many years.The entire Ringwood Timber site has disappeared forever and is now a carpark and shops. Same truck as pic at left - they usually received a hosedown before hitting the road. Note the spare tyre carrier is missing.This truck has had galvanised iron skins made for the canvas doors - not an unusual substitution.
Wesburn, 1972. Timber country F60S set up for snigging logs.
Near Warburton, 1972, Frosty's mill. Note the repositioned winch. (above and below)      
Another F60S tipper in action, owned by Maurice Cowley, a tree feller who was later killed felling a tree. 1973.
A pair seen at Cronin Wreckers, Daylesford, 1973.
These shots show a forlorn seaside F60S at Cowes, Philip Island. 2001.      
  A 6X6 Ford? No - a Ford jailbar cab on a Studebaker US6    
Bandiana, Nov 2001. About to be auctioned, this is one of the CMPs surplus to the requirements of the museum. It's had a clean and paint "restoration" to static display but still retains some interesting parts. The tyres aren't as good as they look with chunks missing from sidewalls and significant deterioration. Still, F60S models are reasonably rare here.

Front shell is from an earlier (1942) CMP. The truck is basically a 1945 model.

It was auctioned along with a Canadian production F15 which is very rough.

My brother took this pic in the mid 80s on the way to Sydney. Registration 132820    
Chassis only - Max Hedges, Yass 2001 Pic taken by Mike Fisher in the mid 70s. Location unknown.    
Pic taken by Mike Fisher in the mid 70s. Location unknown. Pic taken by Mike Fisher in the mid 70s. Location unknown.    
This Ford F60S was purchased on ebay in 2005 by Phillip Hillier of Broken Hill.