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Ford F60L , Post-war built trucks

At the end of WW2, a number of crated Ford F60L and some F60S were sold to civillian buyers. Typically these trucks lacked part of the cab which was coachbuilt. This page shows a selection of these vehicles. Although they differ in detail, certain features are common including the windscreen and door treatment.
Taken from a photograph on a "for sale" board at the Bendigo swap meet, this truck has a typical coach built cab common to trucks assembled after the war's end.
Another truck from the same notice board.
Rudi Vandenbrook's F60L from Adelaide. See the page on his trucks.
Small remains of a F60S set up as a timber junker seen at Warburton in 1971. This is a very late production truck as can be seen from the bulge in the bonnet (hood). More pictures of the Warburton Sawmill trucks
Feiglins timberyard, 1971