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Ford F60L cab 12

Cab 12 54142, Len Watkins yard, Sydney 1998
New cab 12s on flatbed railcars.
Tailem Bend in company with C60L. (pic Euan McDonald) Remains of F60L cab 12 at a clearing sale. (pic Euan McDonald)
F60L cab 12 (pic Euan McDonald) Warburton, 1972. Frosty's mill.
Benalla scrap metals, 1998 This one was in company with a F15.
Noojee, 1973.
Fieglins timberyard, 1972.
"Humania" with then-owner Hugh McSpedden, 1998.
Daylesford, 1974. Cronin Wreckers. Another Cronin wreck, 1974.    
Nomenclature on inner panel, Ararat 1989. The data plate is the cooling system draining information. Above and below, Beaufort, 2001.    
Evocative shot taken by Mike Fisher in the late 1970s.    
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