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Ford F60L

Birdsville 1998. Located in the main street, this derelict still has the remains of the original GS body.
Bill Drews yard, mid 1970s. Quite as handsome tray. Fieglins timberyard, this is not an original tipper.
Near Warragul, 1990s. When I was talking to the owner, he asked me whether I'd noticed the conrod sticking out of the block. When I admitted I hadn't, he said: "Neither did I before I bought it!" Gladysdale, early 70s. This one had both front springs broken, a not uncommon occurrence with Ford cranes. It usualy happens when the crane lifts the front wheels high off the ground and the truck is allowed to drop back with trmendous force.
Hahndorf, South Australia 2001.
Tony Wheeler's first F60L, which was a Canadian import rather than the more common Australian version, using the dot and diamond pattern floor.
This is the second vehicle acquired by Tony, who cut and shortened the chassis to 134"
Although not a runner we dragged it up a hill with the Fairlane and let it roll down a few times.
Ringwood Timber and Trading Company had a number of F60L, F60S and FGT CMPs until the mid 70s when the land was sold for redevelopment.      
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