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I had at first assumed this crane at Copley in South Australia was a gun tractor, but on having a closer look, now think it's probably one of the elusive F22 versions.
Here's the evidence: Short wheelbase, 20" wheels, 1945 production (unlike our FGTs)
The winch is a retrofit.
But the biggest clue is the 400 type steering and 6" steering ends. All our FGT chassis have the light steering and 4 7/8" steering ends.
Here's another suspect photographed in 1975 in Meredith, Vic. The distinguishing features are 1945 build and 20" wheels. Whilst I can't quite see it it is likely to have the 400 steering box as well. Update 2006: This vehicle has reappeared in New South Wales and has been confirmed as a gun tractor chassis. Note how the front mudguards have been lowered. It's a complex looking front-end loader and had obviously already been retired by the time I photographed it.