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The search for the F22 in Australia

The F22 is an elusive beast. Basically it seems to be a late production idea - a winchless Field Artillery Tractor. Hanno Spoelstra has done the groundwork and you should visit his site for additional information. My interest in the subject came from a photograph I had taken in the 1970s of an unusual SWB Ford. I also took a picture of the data plate and in early 2001 published a picture of it on the Maple Leaf Up forum. The question is... is this really one of these trucks, and if so how may it have reached Australia?      
The data plate from Hanno. Note the similarities. According to Hanno, FULL refers to a complete cab. (Pic copyright Hanno Spoelstra)      
You can see from the pictures it has heavy steering setup, a two speed transfer case, the chassis has been strengthened and cut off short (probably when the crane was added). The fuel tank brackets are for a standard size tank.      

The three pictures below came to me from Mike Fisher from who I bought my FGT/F15A. Because it came without a winch, I was interested to dig up these pictures to see whether it had been an FGT or F22. These pictures show it with it's original chassis.

Let's examine the evidence...

Another possibility? I took these pictures in the 1970s. This vehicle is late production, has heavy duty steering but IS fitted with a winch. It has a standard cab. Just visible in this shot is the winch. Note the missing shocker.    
Side view shows standard cab and hub lifting flanges. As it was behind cyclone wiring I was unable to photograph the interior.      
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