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F15 recovery

Having bought this truck some (long) time ago, I decided it was high time to recover it, and chose to make it the last thing for 2001... to F15 page.
The light of day after many years in a shed. The truck had been a donor for other projects but what remained was too good to wreck further. The rear tyres were unusual 12.00 16. Good for sand!
Papa bear and baby bear. The F60L travelled about 100ks round trip and ran well, although the tyres I'd swapped to it caused nasty wheel shimmy at cruising speed. Once we'd rolled the truck out we used the CMP's winch to position it in front of the bobcat ramps.
A Turfa winch was used to haul it onto the tray. Euan made up a mounting bracket for the F60L Slight steering adjustment from Euan...
...and she's ours! What a combo.
Ready to roll.
Journey's end at Eltham where it (temporarily) joins the other truck which uses it's original roof.
Group portrait with the owner. Can you Canucks pick the T shirt?