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Ford F15A

New F15A with sunshine roof (above and right) Army serial C132081 Large reference image

Not a gun tractor but an F15A fitted with 20" wheels and winch which has just been over-enthusiastically used to bend the chassis.

Another winch equipped F15A. To make a gun tractor chassis requires more than 20" wheels and a winch. The transfer case cross member needs to be modified to take a 2 speed transfer case and a double rear cross member with extra fish plates is installed along with the winch cross member. I n the cab the rear floor is different and a winch handbrake needs to be fitted.

F15A in as-found condition by Nelson Wilson in the mid '70s. I towed this vehicle for him using the C15A wireless van.

F15A I briefly owned in the 1980s. It had a later sidevalve (8BA) and the chassis had been docked but had an otherwise well preserved cab.

One of Mike Fisher's pictures of a well preserved F15A.

Ex- tow truck F15A, Jeparit, 1974.
Looks like it would have been an excellent project.

Photographed in New Zealand, 1976 this is actually a F60S water tanker.

Stackpool's yard, Ararat, 1989
Ballan 2001 looks like an unfinished restoration.