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Ford F15 6 seat utility (Aust)      
Both Ford and GM-H built their own versions of this staff utility which, like the Australian Pattern Gun Tractors differed in detail. The Canadian CMP staff cars were mostly built using the C8A chassis and were known as the Heavy Utility Personnel, or HUP.
Chevrolet version.
The coachbuilt body was lightly constructed with a timber frame and sheetmetal panels. One of the principal differences between the Ford and GMH version was the rear mudguards, which were thinner in profile on the Chevrolet. Only one Chev has survived in Queensland as fas as is known, and another Chevrolet example survived in Gippsland in Victoria until the 1970s in rotted condition. Interesting to see the camouflage pattern on the inside of the front hatch which was of the standard Australian Ford double skin construction.    
An annexe was provided.      
Interior with everything folded down in "sleeper" configuration. The two side seats look very uncomfortable. Interior with seats up.
The canvas bag was for stowage of the side curtains.
 The racks on the upper right are a wireless mount.  Close up of the above left image. You can alomst read the data plate located on the engine cover rather than the top of the dash. Note the fire extinguisher to the left of the engine cover.    
 A fascinating picture showing the leather straps used to keep the seat backs upright. Interestingly all the seats including the front are leather - surely unique in CMP production!      
 A different example seen at Bandiana during the war.      
 Note the pinspot tail lamps and POL holders. The rear mudguard (fender) is from the contemporary Ford ute, while the Chev (below) used one of similar profile to the front guards.    
  And here's the Chevrolet version, also at Bandiana.  Pioneer tools carried on the left rear.