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Ford F15

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Fully imported F15 from Canada with GS body Australian personnel body on F15. Large reference image.
Also see the full page of images of this vehicle.
A similar type was also made by Chevrolet.
3 Squadron, RAAF Canadian sourced F15. One of the 3 Squadron pilots, R.N. Wheeler is seen staring at the camera. The photograph was taken in Sicily, around 1943.

Ararat, 1989. The condition of this vehicle has deteriorated significantly since then.

Drew's Kensington yard. 1973

Canadian F15 photographed by Euan McDonald

WH Webster, house moving contractor, Orange, NSW. Pic by Peter Growse.

Seen at Benalla, 1998. This is a Canadian production vehicle.
Here's an interesting one; It was taken at Drigh Road aerodrome near Karachi in 1944 by Barrie Smith. The truck can't be much more than a year old yet it has lost a mirror, windscreen and roof and has a most unusual canvas tilt with chain used to hold it down at the front.
Much modified F15 - pic by Euan McDonald Another pic from Euan McDonald.
Australian production F15 pic by Euan McDonald
Bandiana, Nov 2001. This Canadian production F15 was auctioned in December. It's very rusty and incomplete. Link to database. It was sold along with a F60S.
Mike Cecil's beautifully restored F15 just after completion.
Mike has since sold this vehicle in 2006.
Ouyen, 1998



Picture from "Australian Country" magazine, July, 1962. One wonders whether they did the entire 1200 mile trip without windshields. This is a Canadian made F15. (pic Euan McDonald).
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