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Euan McDonald's Wireless van See page on the Holden bodied Chevrolet Wireless vehicles.    
In July 2003 Euan McDonald purchased this Wireless van project from Heathcote. It's a Holden-built body which is mounted on a F15 chassis. These bodies only appeared on Chevrolet C15 or C15A chassis. Euan plans to mount this on a C15A chassis.      
Series 1 Land-Rover provides the power to tow the chassis to the trailer for loading. The body is reasonably sound, with minor rust in the lower sections and some water damage inside. It is missing the mudguards and toolboxes. The body has been neatly cut from the cab at the step, meaning a reasonably straightforward mating to a new cab.    
The trailer's winch is used to load the truck. The trusty GMC provides the motive power. This truck has moved many CMPs in it's day.    
The interior looking forward. Same view after clearing the parts revealing original benches. The floor and subframe are based on the standard open body.    
Rear hatch was lined too. Inside of rear door.    
Rear cab wall. The roof has been neatly cut and folded under. Rear view shows steps (stowed). Brackets on right were for a fitting carrying the pioneer tools.    
Home at Glenburn. Final towing was also done with a Land-Rover.