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Euan McDonald's Chevrolet Gun Tractor      
In November 2003 Euan McDonald purchased this Australian Pattern #9 CGT from Bruce Wiltshire. Bruce restored it in 1990 using as a basis a new old stock body purchased from Colin Anderson.
The CGT passes through a town familiar to viewers of Year of the Blitz. This is Corowa, venue for the annual Swim-in which sees upwards of 100 former military vehicles rally in March.
Bruce and Euan in the thick of negotiations for the purchase.
Bruce had stored the truck in Burrumbuttock, a small town North-East of Albury, just inside New South Wales. The rear seats and wooden floor of an Australian Gun Tractor. The seat base forms a three compartment locker.
The only data plate on the vehicle, the body of which was built at Holden's Woodville plant in 1944. This is the name given to the tractor by Bruce's wife... apparently this was her childhood nickname.    
The picture above is one reason these trips take longer than anticipated - the mandatory examination of photo albums - the grown-up man's version of swap cards, and just as engrossing. Bruce was kind enough to share his album with us for this website. As can be seen, this was a very wet day. Bruce writes out the receipt.
The #9 body differed from the 8 in the rear section. This one has a raised roof and double rear doorsfor better access than it's predecessor.
On the road at last in wild weather. The truck runs a 12 volt electrical system with the exception of 6v wipers which were originally run from a 6v tap in the battery. Euan had to run the wiper at double speed. A fuel stop in the small town of Howlong on the way to Nathalia, destination for this evening.