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Another delightful shot sent by Elizabeth Ford of her father Peter at his happiest.      

Message from Elizabeth Ford about her father's Infoex

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"Dear Vehicle Enthusiasts,
The original InfoEx with its vast data bank of Canadian-made and related vehicles with its extensive worldwide listings WILL CONTINUE. The late Peter J. Ford was the first to recognize the historic importance of this effort and we, the Ford family, are now in the process of determining the best way to carry on his work and assist the worldwide collecting community from a Canadian base. We ask that you please bear with us for a few more months while we work on creating the best way for this information resource to continue.
In the interval, you may forward all relevant information to the email: including of course as much detailed information as possible: all data plate info, location info, ownership, condition etc. Photos may also be sent as well. Once again, we are working towards making this information available to the worldwide community in our father's name, it will just take time.
Thank you for your patience.