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 Imperial War Museum, Duxford - Land Warfare Hall      
In February 2004 I visited Duxford and spent a happy, if rushed day or so there trying to take in as much of the 7 1/2 acres of displays as I could. This section is devoted to the Land Warfare Hall where most of the softskin and armour are located.
This is the North Africa section and this is an AEC Matador gun tractor towing a 4.5 inch medium field gun. This Matador was sourced from Malta.
Also in the North Africa section is this Lloyd Carrier.
Another Field Artillery Tractor is this Morris Commercial.
Also a Morris, this is a Morris Reconnaisance Car. This interesting vehicle is an AEC Type 50 R6T artillery tractor, one of only 50 built between 1932 and 1936.
In the Normandy display is this Universal Carrier.
Willys MB.
German Hetzer, and magnificently displayed Tiger.
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