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 Images from the Department of Civil Aviation archives, early 1950s  DCA images page 2    
These pictures come to us via Peter Kelly, a stills photographer who has searched through the shoeboxes of these archives and brings us a series of interesting images of the vehicles of the early 50s.
1941 Dodge Command car on it's last legs. What a find this would be today. Nice C60S tipper
Atmospheric shot of Essendon inthe 1950s Very stock Ford F30 Ambulance.
C15A Signals van.
C60S tipper and above right. Another C60S tipper.
C60L undergoing some work. C15A
Tired, but still fairly stock F60L, painted bright yellow. Lend-Lease Chev with F30 Ford Ambulance.
Ford F60L.
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