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Yarramalong NSW late 1980s

Stephen Davis photographed these CMPs some 13 years ago on a property at Yarramalong on the New South Wales Coast.
Ford F60L Cab 12
Two views of a 1945 Ford F30 ambulance with 400 type steering. See more ambulances.
More recently, this vehicle was photographed by Cliff Hutchings in Kingaroy.
Rear of a winch equipped C60L fitted with 16" tyres.
Chevrolet C60L
C60L with non original tray.
3 pics of a very original Chevrolet C60L with original dropside tray and spare wheel carrier.
Canadian sourced F15 with original body. Early pattern dash in late production Ford cab.    
Interior of one of the C60Ls. Note the instrument panel insert to adapt the commercial panel to use militayr style instruments.Looks like the roof was once lined.    
Bedford QLB See more British vehicles. Also see it photographed by Ross Beckley in 2005.