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David Moore's finds      

David has sent a couple of pics from Canada of his finds. To quote David: "I came across two CMP wrecks on a drive around the north of the great lakes."

David adds: "I have just retired and am living in Kingston,Ontario. I have had a Canadian Contract '42 Willys MB for about 8 years╩ - it's in very good shape. I also have a '42 US Dodge open cab half ton (WC22) which I am working on and have just bought a C15A, which╩has been ╩lovingly restored by Lorne Ertl in Manitoba. I shall bring it to Kingston next spring."

"The first was near Parry Sound, a snow-plowed C8A with most of the rear body removed but with the back of the body welded on to the cab front. Restorable, I would think." Passenger door stencil is unusually good. David commented he "should have bought this one."    
"The second was near Thessalon and was a very much butchered C60S"