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Darrin rescued this tipper with an interesting history. Here's the story in Darrin's words.
"The Chev Tipper was made on the 4 Apr 45 and is a 2 1/2 cu yard Aust #4,
has a bit of a story behind it. Sold off in Adelaide after the war and
driven to Darwin where a local concrete person used it to help construct
RAAF Darwin and other buildings including his house out at Humpty Doo.
Cyclone Tracy came along in 1974 while the vehicle was parked outside his
house and blew the engine cover out of the cabin, and that is where it sat
for the next 25 years. I found it when I was looking for military vehicles
in the area and took photos etc, I didn't purchase it at the time, but 12
months of thinking about it and the fact that all the data plates are in it
and it is only missing a few items I then decided to purchase the vehicle
for $200. I then moved the truck to a friends place for storage while I
move around Australia with my work."